Saturday, March 29, 2014

Darood-e-Taj The Solution of All Problems Part 1

Darood-e-Taj is one of the famous and beloved wazifa and wird of tounges of all the true lovers of our beloved Prophet SALLALLAH-O-ALAIH-E-WASALLAM. People who are attached with the Zikr of this Darood Pak, know very well that it is the best, quick and enthralling solution of all the problems one can face in life. Writer of this great gift for Muslims is great Wali Hadhrat Syedna Ab-ul-Hassan Shazli Rehmat-ULLAH-Alaih. He wrote this Darood when he was spiritually present in front of Prophet SALLALLAH-O-ALAIH-E-WASALLAM. He requested the Prophet SALLALLAH-O-ALAIH-E-WASALLAM for the permission of this Darood to be taught to other Muslims and recited, and the permission is granted. So, this Darood Pak is already beloved and approved Darood of Prophet SALLALLAH-O-ALAIH-E-WASALLAM.

                The Darood has been used for years among Aulia ALLAH AZZA WA JAL and Muslims all over the world for the solution of their domestic and spiritual problems as well as for the sake of getting up rise in the spiritual powers and comfort in life. A lot of Aulia ALLAH AZZA WA JAL have certified this Darood as a solution for all the problems. I personally witnessed its effects, that’s why I am writing here the solution of problems with Darood-e-Taj Shareef.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Three Interesting Ramadhan Special Wazaif for Hajat, Wealth and Black Magic

Wazifa #1 :- For the sake of completion of all of your Hajaat/ Wishes for whole of the coming year this is a very nice, powerful and easy wazifa. By doing this wazifa you will keep happy whole of the coming year and all of your wishes which will you desire in heart to be fulfilled will be fulfilled IN SHA ALLAH AZZA WA JAL with the blessing of ALLAH AZZA WA JAL due to this wazifa. This is for all Hajaat like job, wealth, and all day to day wishes like sometime you will desire to eat chicken and from some where you will get chicken to eat etc. What an interesting and beautiful wazifa is this? This is all due to the Barakah of the verse of Holy QURAN.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

For Expelling Love from heart/ Ishq-e-Majazi dil sai nikalnai k lye (Eng & Urdu)

Eng: If you are involved in love of a girl/boy, cigarette, songs, sins etc and you from core of your heart want to expel and root out this illegal & UnIslamic love, here is an easy and effective wazifa for this purpose…..You will have to recite following DUA daily after Esha

For getting honor and respect in community/ Muashrai main Izzat panai k lye (Eng & Urdu)

Eng:- This is the desire of evry person that people in his community or all people to whome he meet, should respect and honor him. So, here is an easy wazifa for accomplishing this desire…I will suggest that everyone should do this….What you have to

For Bloody Piles Disease/ Khooni Bawaseer k lye (Eng & Urdu)

Eng: Due to the commonness of dirt, chemicalised products and obscenity this problem is increasing day by day….Major reason of this disease is the use of public toilets. So, first keep in mind that try to not to use toilets other than your home. Second, avoid eating too many hot and spicy foods. And third, keep your mind clean from bad illegal thoughts.  Now I come to the spiritual treatment….So, if someone is suffering from Bloody Piles problem

Effective Wazifa For being safe from Magic/ Jadu Tone sai Bachnay ka Mujarrib Amal (Eng & Urdu)

Eng:- As these days this thing has become very common in the world. People have now changed their way of rivalry with others. They left the past tradition of physical fighting rather now they destroy the rival with evil invisible powers through magic. So, if some person is suffering from the bad effects of magic here is an easy and effective and powerful wazifa for getting rid of these attacks.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Islamic Baby Boys Names with Meanings