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Very Very Effective & Powerful Wazifa for gaining Wealth/ Rizq

Eng: - It is one of most effective and powerful Wazifa for gaining rise in wealth. And the Barakah of this wazifa will continue to your generation even after your death. This is forever wazifa. Do not use other wazifa
for the purpose, just make this wazifa your daily habit and life partner and see how this Worship of ALLAH AZZA WA JAL works for you. (!!remember me in your Duas!!)
You just have to read following daily after Fajr Prayer/Namaz.

·         Any small Darood Shareef 21 times


·         "YA WAHHABU" for 1400 times

·         Any small Darood Shareef 21 times

·         If some day due to some genuine problem your Fajr prayer is missed, Read the wazifa when you get time that day but never miss the wazifa.

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If I have to engage in a very important task just after the fajr namaz then shall I do the wazifa later?

Salam! If its really important then you have to read the Wazifa before Fajr Prayer/ Salah

Assalam walekum,

I have a job interview coming up soon (on 12 march, 2013). This is going to be a phone interview. Can you please suggest some wazifa to recite for success in this phone interview such that only if this job is destined to be a better solution for me than Allah Izza waJal gives me success in getting this job through this phone intereview.


Salam! See your Wazifa under the label with head "Interview Success".....

sir plz aulad k hasool k liyah koi wazifa bta daih

Salam! ap ki request par Aulad k lye main na aik wazifa likh dia hai usay daikh len..."Becomin Parent" wali category par click karen ya yeh link par jayen

Sir, i have Debts more bigger than biggest mountain on earth.... i am completely crushed under heavy debts(loans).... each second time is getting more and more difficult for me.... it is 2:15am now and im searching on net for some miracle wazifa... which will save me.... I never intended to deceive anyone but my khismat(luck) always deceives me... Every business i put my hand i get only loss, even if i get small profit in the very next step i get loss more than my imagination...... i dont have longer time..... please i plead you can you provide me with some wazifa which will resolve my problem at the earliest... Also i request you and all your readers to please pray for me. Allah help me come out of my debts at the earliest... Allah Help me. Please.

Salam! May ALLAH AZZA WA JAL shower blessing upon you and make your life very better and easier for you and solve all of your problems with ease and quick..AAMEEN
For wazifa you will have to do this wazifa for 21 to 31 days daily after Esha Prayer...After Esha prayer recite Darood-e-Taj sharif for 44 times and then "Ya GHANIYO" 1000 times and Salah/Pray to ALLAH AZZA WA JAL to give you release from your debt....and along with this keep reciting "Surah Quraish" for 7 times after every Salah... And "Surah Waqia" daily before sleeping....thanks...May ALLAH AZZA WA JAL help you...

Although there are wazaif on this site for your problem, which you would not see....Anyhow, I write here another easy one for you.....You will have to read it daily at a specific time in Wuddu sitting on Salah Mat being in front of Qiblah Direction for 313 times with 11 times Darood Sharif in start and end...Waht will you recite is "AUZUBILLAHI MINASHAITANIR RAJEEM" means Tauz which we read in start of Worship....You will see IN SHA ALLAH AZZA WA JAL your obstacles and problems will start removing....May ALLAH AZZA WA JAL shower his blessing upon you...

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Please guide me i have clothing business which was doing really well but past year its dramaticly down and it seems like its going down day by day whole market is busy but customers don't even step in da shop lost al my saving in this please tell me a wazifa to to read for lots of customers and sakes and Allah swt blessings please really need help

Upper given wazifa of "YA WAHHABU" is very powerful one, you should do it and make it your life time habit....Secondly, daily when you open the shop recite "ALLAHUSSAMAD" for 1001 times with darood sharif 11 times in start and end...Effect of these wazaif will start after 15 days so keep doing them...These are really treasures.....Third, all the day keep reciting "SUBHANALLAHI WABIHAMDIHI ASTAGHFIRULLAH".....May ALLAH AZZA WA JAL solve your problems....

Salam! brother what you are asking is not an ordinary thing which can be granted to everyone...For this purpose you will have to keep your eyes and ears clean from all Un Islamic things even when you will go to washroom you will not have to see your own private parts and shit....If you are strictly follow this then here is wazifa for Kashf but i don't any responsibility for you...You should first do Istikhara that whether you have to it or not....Here is an easy wazifa for Kashf..You will have to recite daily after Esha Prayer "YA ALLAMUL GHUYOOBI" for 1000 times it will bring Ruhanyat in you....May ALLAH AZZA WA JAL shower REHMAT upon you all time....keep in mind if you become Sahib-e-Kashf you will have to keep all in full secrecy whatever you are shown or told otherwise you will loss this power...and do not tell others that you are doing a wazifa for the purpose.

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Salam! dear what i experienced in my life there is no advantage of having this power rather one should want to find ALLAH AZZA WA JAL...these all are "HIJABAAT" and we should not indulge into them..once you will find ALLAH AZZA WA JAL you will get all powers....(As told in Hadith).....
Even then you want it then go ahead but do all wazaif with the intention of worshiping ALLAH AZZA WA JAL...Now i answer your questions.....5 times Salah is must....You can Qada missed Salah but those which was missed by genuine reason not intentionally....i told it because in Kashf you will see a lot of things which others do not see may be Spirits, Ghosts etc so you must be brave enough but all will not danger you so don't worry, but yes if you will do wazifa for just getting power then it can be dangerous so follow what i said means do it as worship of ALLAH AZZA WA keeping clean eyes and ears means that try your best if someone else near you doing such wrong activity move away from there....minimum you will have to do it 40 days and afterwards continue reading wazifa for just 100 times after ESHA Salah.....Method of Istikhara is given on my site.....May ALLAH AZZA WA JAL shower HIS Rahmah upon you a lot....

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give me wazzifa for getrid of thyriod...

Allah haffiz

interview main pas hony k liye wazifa dy plz

I think you did not check category "Interview success"

Salaam, do you need permission for this wazifa? If so.. Can i get permission to do this wazifa..

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Salam! For this wazifa you will have to do Istikhara for getting permission....

Salam! sorry for very late answer....i wanted to tell you an easy wazifa for Thyroid and now i got the one....So, you will have to recite daily 3 times Darood-e-Taj Sharif after Zuhar Salah and then blow on your hands and rub your hands over the place(Throat) where you have thyroid and then blow on some water and drink that water.....Keep in mind while reciting Darood-e-Taj you must keep in mind your objective especially when reaching at words "wal Maradhi Wal Alam" and feel like Sweet PROPHET SALLALLAH-O-ALAIH-E-WASALLAM is solving your thyroid problem and you are becoming healthy....May ALLAH AZZA WA JAL give you easy fast and full relief from this disease....Aameen

asslamalekum,wazifa ke bad dua mangana jaruri hai??

G bohat bohat bohat zaruri hai because is k bighair Ibadat idhar udhar bhatak jati hai

Maine mere husband ko u.s.a keliye sponsor kiya tha, unka interview huye 2 saal hogaye hain,,, itna lamba intizar hogaya hai par ab tak visa kee call nahi aa rahi,,please koi wazifa batayen takey ALLAH RABBUL IZZAT hamari is pareshani ko jald door famaye ,,, mere husband ka naam shahzad ali khan hai.

"difficulties/Obstacles" wali category main 2nd number par aap se related wazifa ha use karen or sath he embassy walon sai rabta bhi karen take wo bhi jagen

Ur problem is solved? If not then reply

Assalamualkum i want to ask wazifa for rizq mere shaadi ko 6 saal ho gay hain meray husband ka sara business khatam ho gaya hai bahut ziada debts hain we dont have home no svings mujha koi wafiza bataen jis se Allha SWT hamare mushkelein assan kerein Allaha SWT mujha. Apna gher atta kerein. Main ap k jawab ka wait keronge aur plz mujha wazifa ki ijazat bhe chahye.

As Salaam aliakum Brother Faiz-e- owaisi,

I see this website with good knowledge of certain wazifas. but do you know. that any body cannot do any wazifa which you have posted on the website.

every body done by any invidividual can be harmful for them if they dont do it properly and these wazifas you have posted are by all auliya akram which had given to people as per there name and there specific need.

so i request to make sure while you post any wazifa, so that any muslim dont get harmed.

As you must be knowing, wazifa depends on the name of the certain person and his specific problem. may be it can affect some one as a jalali wazifa.

i hope you understood what i mean.


People don't go on this kalailm site, this looks kind of shaitani to me. It teaches you islamic and non islamic things. See for yourself.

Just simple question. Im not Muslim. But I believe in Islam.

So would these wazifas work for me?

I don't do namaz. Any alternate those wazifas have to do after or before any namaz.

Of course you are right...That's why we have deleted that comment to keep our visitors safe

It depends....some will work and some will not.....however above mentioned will not work....

salam! somehow you are right but there are some other things in this area....On the whole, we have made this site to help people in an easy way so that is why all the wazaif given on this site are visitors no need to worry about it...

Salam! sister there are a lot of wazaif for this purpose in Wealth/Job/Rizq category please check them

asaalamualikum, mara question ya hai ke aapnay kaha ke ya wahaboo fajr namaaz kay baadh paday till 40 days ladke kay liya 40 days nahi hoga na tab ya wazifa kaisay padsakthay hai plz mujhe iska reply dejeya ga zaroor.

ya wahaboo kya hum baad zohar ya asar namaaz kya baad padh sakthay hai kya........

assalam o alikum, three months before i asked that someone has taken my money,and not returning,and also my cousin brother taken away my original property documents. and sir you have given me one wazifa to read 450 time hasbunaalhu wa naemal wakeel, i read this wazifa just for three days only.I think this wazifa is very powerful with in a week of this wazifa that person return half of my amount Rs.2 lakhs. Sir I stopped reading this wazifa because since then i am suffring from sever head and eyes pain and till now i am not feeling well, sir please help me whether i should read this wazifa or not because yet i have not received my full amount from this man nor my original documents.both these persons are not answering my calls.
and i request you give me any wazifa for headache and eyes pain

Khwateen ko 40 days wale wazaif nahi karne chahye site pe bohat se wazaif dye gaye hen take ap apni zarurat or halat k mutabiq select kar k padh len...ap koi bhi asaan wala select kr lijye

salam ale kum,
I am a revert muslim.Alhumdullilah.I have resigned from my job and I want to rejoin.I need a wazifa so i get an opportunity again.pls send me a wazifa in english.i reside in india and my job was in saudi arabia.i want to go back.pls brother send me a wazifa but in english.i need ur help.

Tareseela Jahan

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salam alaikum. recently i came across a site whch generates ism-e-azam based on your name. my name is Mohammed Muhibuddin. ism-e-azam is "YA MUJEEB YA QAWI". and my duas r gtng answrd sometimes. is it my thinking or its real?? can u plz tel me that is this good for me to read it? if not then what should i read? i get vry much problems in almost everything, 1success and then 3failures! plz give me a wazaif with permission to have all my jayaz duas to be answerd without fail. please for allah sake reply. i am fed up of failures since 5years.

Salam sir mera parlor nahi chalta mashi halat bohot week he husband b bekar he plz ap muje koi acha wazifa bata de

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Asalamualaikum Owaisi Sahib,
1. I need to know few things with regards to this wazifa. Usually after praying fajr i am doing some regular zikr and dua and usually this consumes enough time to reach Sharooq/Ishraq time. Can i do Ya Wahabu wazifa at that time before praying Ishraq after fajr prayer in the same sitting or i must start this wazifa after fajr fard with out any other zikr or duaa??
2. Is there any more powerful Wazifa/Zikr which can be adopted for life.
3. Also can you please state dua which shall be made after the wazifa
4. Also can you advise Wazifa for Immigration to Canada and can both wazifas done in parallel ?

Assalam o Alaikum

I want to do this wazifa( Ya Wahhabu) . You have mentioned above that wazifa should not be missed even for a single day, my question is that what should I do during menses when I cannot offer prayers? should I continue the wazifa?

Har Mushkil Ka Hal Quran Pak Aur Wazaif Main Hain So Visit the link Below

Please I need your permission and further guidance to practice the yaa wahabbu. Thank you.

Assalam o Alaikum,
Sir aisa koi wazifa hai jisko padhne ke baad mujhe koi dekh na sake, lakin mai sab dekh saku, jaise normal zindagi me dekh sakta hoon,

mere ooper bohat zayada qaraz hay.. bohat maqrooz hoon. meri life mein alhamdullilah koi masla nahi.. xcept loan pls muje strong wazifa bataien. k ASAP mera loan khatam ho jaye

m doing wazifa SURHA IKHLAS 40 TYM 11 tym durood awal and akhir for marriage.m engaged after this wazifa.
can i d this wazifa for wealth.....

can i do YA WAHBO wazifa for wealth and other.
ky ya problm to nhe kry ga

salam waleikum wants to buy a house very much depressed .........nt able 2 f9 house dat fits our budget.......vry much exhausted because v hav ahouse bt want 2 sell it and v r not able t f9 seller.....plzz request u to suggest sum suitable wazifa 2 solve d problem

sir mian mushkil me ho mujhe ko koi wazifa batado k mujhe job mil jai plz sir plz sain mujhe dua karo k mujjhe job mil jai salam/

Aoa Will u plz tell me the wazifa about purchase of my own house,and moreover for my child becoz his eyesight is too weak plz reply waiting

Apko asya wazifa karna ho ga jo aapki date se pehle kahtam ho jaye mera nahi kheyal k aapko wazifa continue rakhna cahye

Assalamualaikum mera problem ya hai ke hamaray ghar per tenant rahatay hai 4 years say un ko hum ghar khali kar nay kay liya khaha ray hai tho wo log janay say mana kar rahay hai, tenant ko jal say jal ghar khali kar nay kay liya koi wazifa batai yana plzzzzzzzz.

As Salam Alaikum Shakeb,

i have visited this site many time in last few months and from my experience i would like to tell everybody that by reading any given wazaif you will not only solve your problems and issue but you will also move yourself close to Allah and start loving him, thanking him for all his blessing on you.
the niyat for reading the wazaif should be clean and clear, in no means you should read these wazaif to harm others.



for wazaif and your problems plz mail me on

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Can I recite Ya Haiyyu Ya Qauuum with Ya Wahhabu as I am suffering from some digestive problems,

salam plz tell me wazifa k. lrkii k. ghr. walay rishta haan kr k nikaah krlen

achi job k hasool k liey b wazifaa btaaaen please

aurton ko date ke waqt maaf ke waqt nhi bhi padhengi toh apka wazifa qayam rahega.......

sir wazifa shoro krnay k liye ejazat kis se talab krin.main n sona hy koi b wazifa shoro krnay se phlay ejazat zarori hy.plz teel me

assallam walequm janab mera naam Sk.Moinuddin or mai bohat pareshaan hu yeh hamesha hota hai ki har 3 mahiney tak mera kaam alhumdolillah kafi accha chalta hai magar 3 months baad bohat pareshani hoti hai mere yaha abhi is company mai 3 months hogaya hai or mera kaam bilkul nahi ho raha hai kya karo kuch bataiye maharbani hogi.

Asslawalekum mera naam shahid he aur daulat mand banna chahta ho pl z mere liye koi wazifa bataa dijiy

Assalam o Alikum May nay Bandish ko toorny walla app ka deya howa Wazifa complete ho gia hay. Bandish ky wajja say mary wife aik muhlik bemary may mubtala they wo bemary Wazifa karnay kay doran hey the end ho gai. or ab us ky wo muhlik bemary khatam ho gai hay. ALLAH pak ko dono jahano ky khusia naseeb farmain ameen. May insha'ALLAH kal say oper mention wazifa shoro karo ga please mujhay dua may yaad rakhain. Dear Sir mary olad nahy hay please mujhay olad kay leya koi Wazifa tajweez farmain. APP kay jawab ka intazar rahy ga.

Plz gv me reference fr this wazeefa

Would u please make me know your email ID as I m too much fed up now a days and don't know what to do.
A confused one

YA ALLAMUL GHUYOOBI hi padhna hai ya fir. YA ALLAMUL GHUYOOB bhi padh skte hai..
yani ghuyoob bhi padh le ya ghuyoobi hi..(last me "EE" adhna zaruri hai kya)

haiza aurat wazifa padh skti hai.. duruz wa zikr bhi kar skti hai

kya kisi ek hajat ke liye 2 wazaif padh skte hai... or mujhe kash ke liye aasan or poweful wazifa chahiye. 1000 bar isha bad.allmul guyoobi nahi padh skte... magar me 7 bar asr or fjr bad. allahuma khirli....ikhtiyar padha hu.. or rat ko 121 bar surah ikhlas.. for kashf ke liye padhta hu.. kya aisa karna thik. hai ya fir mujhe ek hi apnana chahiye...waise inke time alg alg hai koi dikkat to nahi...

Sir I am in big problem I want to sell my house but I get no customers.some ppl come but they never return so pls tell some wazifa to sell my house quickly.

Jazakallah i'll follow thisthis wazerfa
I wantt too getget married as soonn as possible in good familyy remembere me in ur prayer

Jazakallah i'll follow thisthis wazerfa
I wantt too getget married as soonn as possible in good familyy remembere me in ur prayer

iski ayat kya hai puri ya phir 1400 baar ya whaabh ya wahhabu allah tala ka naam aise hi bolte rehna hai 1400 baar kya please mujhe btaye

please ijajt de +917986663113 mujhe allah pak ki madad ki bohat jarurat hai