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Wazifa For Marriage/ Shadi (Eng & Urdu)

11:38:00 AM

English:- If you want to marry and having difficulties in this objective then here is an easy and powerful wazifa for marriage. You have to read Third Kalma of Islam which is written below for 60 times after five times
NAMAZ/ PRAYER and do DUA for your Marriage IN SHA ALLAH AZZA WA JAL You will see that soon your objective will start fulfilling….

سُبۡحٰنَ اللہِ وَ الۡحَمۡدُ لِلہِ وَ لاَ اِلٰہَ اِلَّا اللہُ وَ اللہُ اَ کۡبَرۡ وَ لَا حَوۡ لَ وَلَاۡ  قُوَّۃَ اِلّاَ بِاللہِ الۡعَلِیِّ الۡعَظِیۡمۡ

Urdu:- Agar ap ki shadi men masail hen or ap shadi karna chate ya chahti hen to is masle ya khwahish k lye ye asan or tez asar wazifa pesh ha….Uper dye gae teesre Kalma Sharif ko rozana Panchon Namazon k bad 60 Martaba parhen or phir apni shadi achi jaga asani se ho jane k lye dua Karen IN SHA ALLAH AZZA WA JAL ap dekhen gay keh jald he apki hkwahish puri hone k lye raste Khulna shuru ho gaye hen…..

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  1. salam , i have visited your website, its very good and helpful, may ALLAH GIVE YU AJAR E AZEEM FOR THIS, i want to get married to a nice, strong family backgroud, goood looking and naik guy, having good education, and good job with good halal earning, and who have loving and caring nature, from the laast 3 years i am facing problms in my marriage, i used to love some one but he left me and suddenly marry to his cousin, after then i faced a very tough time, but i always believe in ALLAH that he will grant me with better patner then him, please tell me an authentic wazifa for marriage so that its works quickly, someone told me k har aik k liye different wazeefa hota hy, to please ap mjhy koe wazeefa bata dain or mery liye dua bhe karain k meri ache jaga shadi hojaye or mjhy os rishty sy khushi dy dy, thanx, waiting for response

    1. Salam! Here is the link of wazifa....This wazifa is very fast working provided that you do it properly....

  2. salam, thank you for all the wazaif you posted. I have a question, im getting married in 4 months but my fiance is born american and he is not religious at all. He dosnt fast or pray at all, im engaged to him from 1 and a half year but in last 2 ramadan he didnt fast for a single day and i never heard him praying. He used to drink alcohol and eat haram but now after getting engaged he said he stoped everything. I live in Canada and he is in US so i dont know if he did or not. My parents really like him because he have a good job , he is good looking and he loves me. I believe love is not everything i wanted to marry a person who is little religious and make me a good muslim as well after marriage. I told my parents that he is not religious but they say after marriage he will change when you will pray and fast in Ramadan. Im scared to marry him because i wanted to a religious husband at least who pray and fast and follow Islam. Please tell me a wazifa so ALLAH can help me. mae us sa shadi nahi karna chati but ab shadi ke date fix ho gayi and ghar wale samjhta hai k meri age 25 ho gayi hai to age rishta milna muskil hon ga. Please mujha batye ka mara liya asani paida ho and kisi acha larka sa meri shadi ho.

  3. Assalam_o_alikum
    plz mujhy koi wazifa baten meny kia he or free hun mujhy job ki need he par koi job achi nai milti jis me acha packg ho k ghar par bhi de sakun or apna kharch or study agy bhi jari rakh sakun. me jahan kahin bhi apply karta hun wahan se koi rply nai ata or agra ata bhi he interview k bad koi response nai milta ya phir expreiance mangty hen plz koi acha sa wazifa baten jis se meri pareshani hal ho plz

  4. asalam aliakum ,i am 33 years old girls and doing good job. but abhi tak shadi nahi ho paa rahi hai.ristain aatain hai chalin jatain hai,bahut tension hoon,namaz bhi parti hoon or bahut si duaa bhi parti hoon.ab aap hi kuch batayea. parents retired ho gayea hai. aap hi kuch batyeain

  5. salaam- I want to know if I can pray this for marrying your own choice. I want to get married to my love but my family are disagreeing and his family have agreed.


  6. plz mujy koi wazifa batye mai pasand ki shadi krna chahtii hu larka b tyr par us k ghr waly rishta nae la rhy koi wazifa batye wo rishta la e ur mery ghr waly rishta dye dy


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