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Very Very Easy and Effective Wazifa For removing annoyance between Husband/ Wife , Mian Bivi main Narazi k lye

English:- The comfortableness and peace of a family has great relationship with love and understanding between husband and wife thats why if in a family husband and wife always quarrel with each other or remain annoyed, destroys the peace and tranquility of home. There may be the mistake of husband or wife or

both... so for this problem I am giving you an easy and effective Wazifa. You will like it very much...Ok, now! Husband or Wife whoever wants to appease the other will do this. Daily while laying on bed for sleeping recite Darood-e-Taj sharif 3 times and blow on the other person (Husband/wife) in imagination with the intention to increase love, peace and understanding between each other. IN SHA ALLAH AZZA WA JAL within a week annoyance between each other will get off and home will become the house of peace...Continue it as long as you like because it will benefit your home...
Note: - Mistrust without any reason is a bad thing. Admitting Mistakes is a good thing.

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There is a lot of problem going on between me and my husband because of my inlaws who harass me mentally for small things.Whenever any fight takes place my husband leaves me for months with inlaws and goes to another city where he works without taking me.Despite all this I have stayed but this time I came to my parents house.Even my husband has resigned his job and shall do business.I can't stay with his parents any more and husband is not ready to move out.What should I do.

i got married 4 years ago but the marriage was not publicized for anyone... like not even for our families... cz my husband had a wife and a son too... his first wife being a csp (though not living with him for some reasons) and it was my second marriage as well... and we had family issues and responsibilities as well made a commitment to each other in the form of this marriage ....we decided a time span of 2 years to get married officially (his suggestion as by then his and my siblings would be settled and our marriage decision will not affect our families)but since last 2 years i am constantly asking him to legalize and publicize our marriage which has lead quite quarels as well and i misbehaved with him despite of the fact that i never ever wanted to do so... neither he nor i cheated each other during these 4 years, faced various prblems but i tried to stand besides him financially, moraly and ethicaly which he donot agree now ... other than the financial help and says that once he will pay back money he will formally divorce me too... a couple of months ago i had a fight with him asking him to either legalize marriage or leave me as i want to live with repect and dignity with his name besides mine... depite of the fact that i beged him infinte times to legalize our marriage (answer given by him was always that i will do so when the right time will come) he is now fully determined to leave (divorce) me all he is waiting for is the money that he has to pay me... i dont want my relation/ marriage to break at all... have begged for his mercy and forgiveness many times but he is not interested to listen to me... i trusted him cz he is an Ashiq e rasool and can do anything for HIM and i am a syed too and he respected me for thzt... i was wrong and was unfair to him my misbehaving with him but never meant that and always wanted to have a succeesful marriage... i pray to Allah ALmighty that kindly is rishtay ko totnay sey bacha lain aur uskay dil mein meray liay pyar aur kashish wapis daal dain ... am not the kind of a person who want to break relations but wanted his name and dignity.... dont know kay Allah kay Rasool SWA ney aisi maslihatoon wali shadi ki kb ijazat aur talqeen di hai .... i want to make our marriage a source of happiness, comtentment, peace, rehmat, barkat, khushi, khushali, sakun and every gud thing not only for both of us but also for every ind. associated with us order to do so i am so far reading a many wazifa's 41 times surat muzamil for 3 days after fajar, read namaz e hajat after isha ; in first rakat i read surah kafiroon 10 times and surah ikhlas in second rakhat and sajday mein dua by reciting 3 kalima , durood sharef and rab e zidni ilama 10 times, afer every dua i read 7 times ya wahabu so that my dua be accepted., read "ya badi u ajaibil khair ya badi o " 1200 times after isha for 40 days, Allahu Alhaleemu UL hadi 129 times after every prayer for 40 days, and surat yasin after every fajar prayer..... other than this keep on doing astaghfar, asking for reham etc every single second.... kindly tell me how can i make myself the kind of a person my husband want me to and ask for his forgiveness and save my marriage and how can i persuade him to legalize it and make everyone associated happy with me and our relation ........... i hope am not asking for any na jaiz dua .... plz help me

Salam! ALLAH PAK aap ki mushkilon ko door farmaye or aap ko khushion bhari life ata farmaye..... First of all note this thing that you are doing really heavy wazaif so keep focus on doing sadqa regularly so that you can be saved from side effects of these one's and if you had not started 40 days wazaif with Niyat then stop them otherwise complete them but you really did wrong always keep in mind 40 days wazifa only one at a time with proper guidance of right now keep doing SADQA Khairaat and ISTIGHFAAR to be on safe side.....So, until you will not complete those wazaif i can't suggest you another...However here on my site you will find easy and harmless wazaif...please see " Family matters" category for your issue..... but ISTIGHFAR is a good one and keep reciting it cz its harmless and beneficial..... Anyhow i will keep doing some remedy from here too...So keep in touch after completing those wazaif....comments on this are closed so next time write comment under specific category related to your problem...see left side category bar..

Salam! this will create more trouble if you force him to leave his parents...on the other hand he is also in financial crisis so be be careful in dealing with such a have to deal with clever and good manners along with this have to memorize Darood-e-Taj sharif then daily recite it every time while doing home work, walking, sitting means you will have to complete it for 40 times daily with the intention to create your love and understanding in the heart of your in laws and husband....May ALLAH AZZA WA JAL help you and make your home full of happiness and love...aameen

Assalamualaikum i got married at a very young age it was love and arrange marriage by the grace of allah. its been two years i have a 10 month old kid but my wife left me as she wanted to work and she never liked my family members as she never liked living with a joint family now she has left me and my kid but i still have love for her as the day i saw my kid i promised i will never leave her. please help me by suggesting some good wazifa because my wife is not only leaving her own kid but she has started doing wrong things as i caught her with her friends in the night and even i was shocked but i know she was not like this before all she is doing is because she thought her life is finished a daughter household work and no enjoyment but being a muslim i beg from allah to make my life better or for that kid who does not even know her mothers name and her mother is not bothered about her my daughter or me. my doughter is with me from past 3 months i know its very hard for me to take care of the kid some say get married to another one some say give your wife a divorce but i am not that persone for me things happens only once but i have not loosen hopes from allah and things will work inshallah. please give me a wazifa so that i can atleast stop her for doing what she is and make a better future of my kid myself and my families. thanks allahafiz

Salam! sorry 4 a late reply.....You will have to do this wazifa daily after Esha Salah....After Esha Salah recite 101 times "YA HANNANU YA HALEEMU" great names from 99 names of ALLAH AZZA WA JAL with 11 times darood paak start and end...then do DUA with dint of this worship to remove annoyance of your wife....Secondly, on Friday after Friday ceremony come to home and then take some salt in a bottle and then recite 1001 times "YA WADOODU" with 11 times darood shareef in start and end with the intention in mind to obey your wife and then blow on salt....this is one time only work, now keep this Holy salt with respect and care and try that she eat that salt by some mean like mix some salt in his water/tea/food/meal etc whatever....keep feeding her this salt some days and along with behave with her so politely and lovingly then after some days politely convince her about your problem and so on...MAY ALLAH AZZA WA JAL help you

Sir plz ans me ,,, hamari shadi ko 10 Sal ho chukay hain ,,, pehlay main apnay shohar k sath berone mulk hi hoti tho par kuch Sal huay hum meray shohar nay hamain yahan pak shift kar dua hay ,, Ab hamari choti choti bat par larai rehti hay , main os k sath hi rehna chahati hoon ,,, wo doosri larkion main bhi dilchaspi lene lga hay .. plz koi wazifa btain k wo humain khud wapis bylaw lay ,, aur hum mil k rahain bachay bhi yahan nai rehna chahatay , Plzz help me

Asslam , we got married 3yrs back ,i have a baby boy with 1.6 yr old at the time of birth he didnt cry due to lack of oxygen,now doctor diagnose him as a cerebral palsy patient, he is 1.6yr old but still unable to seat , crawl, walk and even he didnt speak any meaningful words we r very worried abut him, we r doing physiotherapy for him ,please aap koi wazifa bataye jis se hamari pareshaani door hojaye , aap se bahut umeed ke saath request kr rahi hoon.......

Assalamualaikum. We got married 3yrs back ,i have a baby boy with 8months old.It was an arrange marriage by the grace of allah.My husband lived in abroad.i was with him for 1 year. Its been 1 year he didn't came.My husband left me & my baby as he wanted to marry a beautiful girl and he never liked me & my family also.My husband didn't even gave me call.My laws are very demanding & interfering & my husband is very obedient child of her mother.Its very hard for me to take care of the kid.Now in laws says my husband want a divorce but i have not loosen hopes from allah and things will work inshallah.I can not do this wazifa because he lived in abroad. Please help me by giving me a wazifa so that i can at least change his mind.I want to make a better future of my kid & myself and my families.Thanks in advance.Allah hafiz. Zarina

myri mangni ko 8 year hoga ay hn myra mangytar mujh sy bohat pyar krta tha aub pata nahin kia hiwa ky woh dosri girls main intret lyta hy or mujhy dant ta hy plz koi aysa wazifa send karan ky woh myra dewana hoja ay kisi or ki taraf dykhy b na main us sy bohat sucha pyar karti h

Assalam u alaikum,

I am engaged to my future husband for 3 months now. We know each other for 5 years now and are planning to get married in dec 2014 IN SHA ALLAH!. Before our engagement my to-be-husband got involved with a widow woman of age 35+ who has two sons. According to him ... the widow woman's husband died as a martyr (ALLAH knows best). Whenever I told him that i don't like him keeping contacts with that woman, he replied that he just has pity (hamdardi) in his heart for her and there's nothing else... and also that he's gaining sawab by helping her or by bringing smile on her face and kids. Still i felt the urge to talk to this woman.. and I called her one day. I told her that we are going to get married soon... and I am not comfortable with your relation with my t0-be-husband. In return she replied.. are you still together with your to-be-husband? Didn't you had a break-up with him?...i got furious and I replied to her that you should be ashamed of getting urself involved with a guy that's 12-15 years youger than you.. and i told her ALHAMDULILLAH no we didn't break up nor shall we ever in the future!. she just laughed and disconnected the line. I told this conversation to my to-be-husband and he got angry at me for calling her at the first place :(:(.... Eventually I had to inform my parents-in-law about the situation. they were amazed to listen what i had to say... that woman wanted to marry my to-be-husband. At one point i gave up and told my husband to forget me and go marry that widow... but he said that he has no feelings for her. Now, according to him he says that everything is over between them and there's no contact with her now... but still i have doubt (shak) in my heart :(:( .. i dont know what to do... PLease guide me with some wazifa to clear the doubt in my heart. I love my to-be-husband with all my heart and soul ... i want us to live happily after marriage with no grudges at all ....

Jazak Allah