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Very Very Easy and 100% Working Wazifa for Success in Everything (Eng & Urdu)

7:31:00 PM
Salam! I am sharing one of the best, very easy and 100% working wird/ wazifa or amal which will definitely bring prosperity and light and happiness in your life. And it will remove all of your worries of your life. Your present and future will be successful and delightful. Help of Allah Subhana wa Taala will be with you in every your work and hajaat. IN SHA ALLAH
English Explaination:- THESE ARE SURAH TAUBA VERSES 128 & 129.....First of all
remember/ memorize these verses with correct pronunciation from HOLY QURAN. These verses have great importance and effects in them. The benefits of these verses can not be counted by anyone. However, if you have wealth or job problems, or problem with boss or you want people to obey and regard you, or else this an easy way to solve these and all your life problems. What you have to do is that you have to read/Wird these verses every time while working, sitting, walking, running, no matter you are in ablution (WUZZU) or not. Try to read more and more. IN SHA ALLAH AZZA WA JAL you will start seeing its benefits after one week. All people related to you and your boss will start giving you importance and they will regard you. Your wealth and job problems will start solving. All your problems will solve automatically. You will never ever need to read another wazifa. Another good thing about this wazifa is that there are no strict restrictions in it so you can read anytime everywhere. Just try this..And during reciting also recite darood sharif in intervals...e.g: you read one time in start then you recite THE VERSES for some times like 200 times then again recite Darood Sharif then again start reciting VERSES.

Urdu Explanation:                                  (Surah Tauba Ayat 128-129)
Sab say pehle to ap in ayaat ko Quran Pak say sahi sahi Talaffuz k sath Yaad kar lain..In Ayaat ki buhat he Shaan hai or in main bohat say KHazanay pinhan hain...In Ayaat main saaf saaf Huzoor Pak SALLALLAH-o-ALAIHe WASALLAM ki Tareef bayan ki gai hai...Ap ko yeh karna hai rozana har waqt ziada say ziada jitna bhi ho sake in ayaat ka wird karte rahen chalte. phirtay, Uthtay, Bethtay, Wuddu, BayWuddu parhte rahen...aap aik hafte k under he is k asraat dekhna shuru kar dain gai... Aap k officers/boss ki nazron main ap ka Rob or Dabdaba qaim ho jaye ga wo or dusray log rishtedaar ap ko ahmyat dena shuru karden gai...Har Jana Unjana shakhs ap ki Izzat karay ga or Deen-o-Dunya k kaam khud ba khud hona shuru ho jayen gai..Is main aik or maze ki baat yeh hai keh is main koi pabandian waghaira bhi nahi hain..yani agar parhnay k doran ap ki tawajjo nahi hai tab bhi koi masla nahi hai bus aap parhte rahen or phir IN SHA ALLAH AZZA WA JAL aap ki mushkilaat ka hal Ghaib sai nikalna shuru ho jaye ga...Dunya ki koi museebat ap ko gham nahi pohncha sakay ga...ap is par amal kar k dekhen is main to koi qaid-o-pabandi bhi nahi hai..bas sabr or yaqeen-o-umeed sai isay aprhte rahen..OR HAAN PARHNAY K DORAAN WAQTAN-FAWAQTAN DAROOD PAK BHI PARHTAY RAHEN BEECH MAIN


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