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Very Very Easy and 100% Working Wazifa for Success in Everything

Salam! I am sharing one of the best, very easy and 100% working wird/ wazifa or amal which will definitely bring prosperity and light and happiness in your life. And it will remove all of your worries of your life. Your present and future will be successful and delightful. Help of Allah Subhana wa Taala will be with you in every your work and hajaat. IN SHA ALLAH
English Explaination:- THESE ARE SURAH TAUBA VERSES 128 & 129.....First of all
remember/ memorize these verses with correct pronunciation from HOLY QURAN. These verses have great importance and effects in them. The benefits of these verses can not be counted by anyone. However, if you have wealth or job problems, or problem with boss or you want people to obey and regard you, or else this an easy way to solve these and all your life problems. What you have to do is that you have to read/Wird these verses every time while working, sitting, walking, running, no matter you are in ablution (WUZZU) or not. Try to read more and more. IN SHA ALLAH AZZA WA JAL you will start seeing its benefits after one week. All people related to you and your boss will start giving you importance and they will regard you. Your wealth and job problems will start solving. All your problems will solve automatically. You will never ever need to read another wazifa. Another good thing about this wazifa is that there are no strict restrictions in it so you can read anytime everywhere. Just try this..And during reciting also recite darood sharif in intervals...e.g: you read one time in start then you recite THE VERSES for some times like 200 times then again recite Darood Sharif then again start reciting VERSES.


Assalamu alaykum

Thanks for the great effort by you.
But can you please translate the above urdu photo about the wazifa into English, because I personally do not understand Urdu well.

Jazakallah khair ,

Wa-alaikum-assalam Wa Rahmatullah!
Thanks for your comment and telling me about your problem... I translate this immediately with in one hour...

Jazakumullahu Khayr. :)

Assalam Alaikum,

Can these above ayat be recited for marriage,going abroad, paying off loan etc?

Wa-Alaikum-Assalam-Wa RahmatULLAH! yes these ayat can read for anything beacuse they will open the doors for the Hajaat/Wishes and remove obstacles in them...But for specifically i will suggest you that along with this wazifa use this wazifa for your mentioned Hajaat/Wishes. This is the link of wazifa and i have tested it many times and it worked every time.

i wanna ask you that i do not get good results in my studies.i am still enrolled in it can it happen that all my previous results gets better by the Grace of GOD> can i do this for that reason.Please i want quick answer to this problem, i am veyr worried. i work hard but do not get good results.......


Salam! Yes, It can be used for this purpose too. I would also suggest you to see hajaat/wishes category.... and also pay attention in your studies do not leave everything on WAZIFA.... Soon i will post wazifa for studies so keep in touch...
May ALLAH AZZA WA JAL give you success in exams.

thanks a ton..... i actually work hard but it does not pay off any time. i surely work even harder now and thanks for replying.

Salam! i have posted a complete package of wazaif related to studies and exam success i hope you will like it and it will be really helpful for you..

need a wazifa to make husband listen to me

Salam! Look your Wazifa in the " Family Matters" under Labels Tag....

Assalamo Aalayum..... kya ap koi aisa wazaif ya dua bata saktay hain to naya ghar main janey par aur usmay khair aur barakat ka liya padhi jaya

Salam! apne esa karna hai keh ghar main shift hone say pehle ghar k log mil kar us naye ghar main baith kar Pehla Kalma Shareef 70,000 baar parhen or paas he kafi pani bhi rakh len....Start karne se pehle har banda 11 bar darood-e-taj sharif or 3 bar Char Qul parhe or parhne k baad har banda pani par bhi dam karay or ghar k har har konay men or puray ghar men bhi phoonk maaray. or phir sab mil kar dua mangen Kamyabion or Kahir-o-Barakat ki or jo bhi chahen...Agar apne yeh kar lya to ap dekhen gay k IN SHA ALLAH AZZA WA JAL khoob khair o barkat or khushyan ayen gi.....

Assalmaulaikam I need permission to read for a job . Darrod e taj 100 times for three days . PLZ PLZ PLZ help me .

May Allah SWT bless you

Assalmaulaikam WR WB I have question about two ayat ( Last ) of surah Tauba . I love these ayat and last three ayat I try to read in namaz . You said we can read it without count . So can we read without wudu too ?

Salam! Yes one can read these without Wuddu but not without Wuddu in namaz....For Zikr/Wird, try to recite them as much as possible every where every time no matter in Wuddu or Not, but not at dirty places...and during reciting some times recite Darood Sharif too in intervals because these Ayaat are expressing the splendor/glory of our Sweet Sweet, Clean, Beloved, Highness Prophet SALLALLAH-O-ALAIHE WASALLAM...

Salam! I better suggest you to first do ISTIKHARA for permission because there is not a better permission than the Permission of ALLAH AZZA WA JAL....

I have question about jadoo ( magic ) Can we find out if somebody did magic by reading any wazifa ? I read some where if we read surh al anfitar . we can see in dream where somebody hide it . In my house there was blood was on the walls and on clothes . I did not pay attention but I was confused from where this blood spots are coming . I tried to keep things clean . somebody told me this can be due to magic .I started reading surh yunus aya 181 182 ayatul kursi 3 qul

For breaking Jadu you will have to read Darood-e-Taj sharif for 11 times after Fajr and Asar salah and blow on some water and blow on your self your family members and on home...then all family members will have to drink that holy it daily with the intention to remove black magic with the Help of ALLAH AZZA WA JAL and PROPHET SALALLAH-o-ALAIHE WASALLAM.....

Salamu Alaikum brother,

As surah taubah does not begin with Bismillah, Can you read bishmillah everytime before reciting these ayaths?

Salam! Brother BISMILLAH is must in starting every wazifa...and for Surah Tauba if you are starting reciting Quran Sharif with Surah Tauba then too you have to recite can confirm it from any Islamic Scholar...Thanks

alamoalekum kya app sureh tauba mujhe likh kar bhej sakte hai is me hi??

Salam! ab theak hai..... ALLAH PAK ham sab par beshumaar rehmaton ka nazul hamesha farmata rahai...

Asalam o alaikum i was in love with my class fellow i told this to my parents but unhon ny samjha k with in a week meri engagment karwa di..mein boht gunah gar hun but Allah pakny hamisha mjhy nawaza hy..i did a mistake during my realationship with the boy i was in love.i still love him.but jahan engagement hoi hy wahan aik sal bd shadi ka kaha hy.ab bhe shadi tu nai hoi na.i still want to marry him.meray fianci boht achy hain aur inlaws bhe but wo abhe achy hain,shadi k bd pta nai kya ho...i want k jin sy mjhy pyar hy wohe mjhy ab bhe mil jaien but aisy k jis sy koi bdnami na ho na meray parents ki na in laws ki aur jis sy mjhy pyar hy unki aur hm shadi kr lain.i am age is 24..i am scared about mariage.ap mjhy wazifa btain jis sy sb kuch theak ho mein koi problem na ho khusian hun.agar fianci sy shadi hoti hy tu wo kbhe meray past ko na jan saken warna jin sy pyar hy bs un sy he shadi ho jay parents ki marzi sy aur hm hamisha khus rahen..i hope apko samjh a gai hy.....need answer.

asslamwalequm janab
mere exam 26.4.13 ko khatam ho jayenge or m exam m pass hone ki niyat se ye amal par sakta hu..
ijajat hai.

Shaharyar m sharif

Bhai mene ghar par birds ka business start kia hai is ki tarak'ki k liye koi wazifa bata dain

assalam o alaikum,
mera nikah hogaya hai. qreeb 7 mahine hochuke hai. mere inlaws ye kehte hai ke jab tak meri sister inlaw ki shadi nahi hoti meri rukhsati nahi hogi . iss wajah se mere ammi abbu bahot pareshan hai wo chahte hai k jald se jald meri rukhsati ho. aur meri sister in law ka rishta kahin fix nahi hota wo log 5 saal se rishta talash kar rahe hai per ab tak koi fix nahi hua. mujhe koi wazifa bataiye jisse uski bhi shadi hojaye aur main bhi rukhsat hojau 1 ya 2 mahine me. har koi baaten banane laga hai ab main bhi bahot pareshan rehti hun.i hope u will help me.

Salam! ALLAH PAK sab ko Halal rizq main asaani or farawani ata farmaye....aap ko yeh karna hai keh rozana shop open karte hue 1000 bar "ALLAHUSSAMAD" parhne ki adat bana lain or wealth wali category sai koi b wazifa choose kar k wo bhi apna lain....kamyabi hogi

Assalam o alykum,

i am having problem in my current job, i want to switch into other company , i have given 7 to 8 interviews but every time in final round i was not seleceted please tell me any wazifa , so that i can get better job.


I have breathing problems almost 2 years now can you help me please

interview main kamyabi k liye wazifa chaye mujhy plz wazifa dy dy

Brother did you check "Interview Success" Category? there i have given wazifa for interview...

Asalamalaikum behana ap apni sister in law ko bolay woh awal akhair darood pak11times nd surah ihklyas 41 times sleepy time pera shadi kay lay 90days ka. Amal ha inshAllah Azawajal shadi ho jaa gi

Bahi when you go for interview read darood pak 11times start nd last nd ya aziz o 41 times bleow on box inshAllah Azawajal u will get job but five time namaz is must

walaikumasalam.. jazakAllah main zarur unse kahugi .. dua kijiye Allah hafiz

mera husband mujh se naraz hai.. main aaj kal apni ami k ghar hon. Plz mujhay koi aisa wazifa batain k mera shohar mujhay lene ajaye

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AssalamuAlaikum,mene yahan apni problems share ki thi but its not showing or uska koi reply bhi nahi hai,please meri madad karein.

I did not see or miss your question you can write again under any other post because comments under this posts are closed....

Check "Family Matters" Category there you will find wazifa for your problem.

Here is an easy wazifa for this problem.....Half boil some water and recite this " BISMILLAH BISMILLAH" with the intention in mind to remove your not recite full BISMILLAH but exactly as written in it two times a not do it when dirty...continue for 30 days....if problem not solved then contact me again...

sir mne 2007 me apna matric clear kia 2008 me meri 1st year me compart agayi mne 3 4 baar phir se exam diye per har baar na qamiyabi hasil hui aik course b kia us me b na kamiyabi 5 saal hone ko hian mujhe har taraf se udaasi he mil rahi hia...kya aap bata sakte hain aisa q hia?ya koi wazifa easy sa bata dein plz kya aap mujhe meri id pe mail kr sakte hain mera answer

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Assalam O Alaikum, main bahuth se problems mein ghiri hoon.
My first problem is my cousine brother has taken away my original property documents and he is not retuning it.and second another person mera rupiya 4.5 lakhs nahi de raha hai.mere husband abroad mein hain.and i am alone here.nobody is here to help me except allah. Please sir app koi aisa wazifa bata sakte hain. so that i can get back my property documents and money from these wicked persons.can i read surah tauba ayat to sovle these problems.

my name is mohd shafeer
i want to know about any wzifa that could help me to get my money some body promissed me after his job done.
please help me

Assalamu Alikum. For a specific problem, how many times it can be read and for how many days and how it works. Kindky reply me.

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Salam! aap ne rozana jab bhi time mile to 450 martaba "HASBUNALLAHU WA NAEMAL WAKEEL" awal akhir 11 bar darood pak k saath parhna ha or apni problem ki dua karni ha pehle sirf property or peson ki wapsi ki dua karni hai or kisi chez ki nai akrni or waqfe waqfe sai us bande se apni chez ki wapsi ka mutalba karna hai or us k samne jaye to bhi dil men ye wazifa parhti rahen...ALLAH PAK apki madad farmaye ameen

For a specific problem read specific wazifa related to your problem...look wazaif categories and find your specific problem wazifa under specific category...

Salam! ALLAH PAK aap ko is problem se jald nijaat ata farmaye or khushion bhari life ata farmaye......aap ne esa karna hai k pehle 11 din darood-e-taj wala amal karen yani ASAR ki namaz k baad 33 bar darood-e-taj sharif parrh kar pani pe dam kr k peena bhi hai or dua bhi karni hai k rukhsati main jo rukavaten hen door hon....saath he phir ye karna hai k Friday ko Juma ki namaz k baad NAMAK par 1000 bar "YA WADUDU" awal khir 11 bar darood sharif k sath parrh kar dam kar len SUSRAL walon or SHOHAR ko qabu men karne ki niyat se...phir aap un logon ko ghar dawat par bulayen or un k khane waghera men wo namak mila dain jab wo kha pee len phir nihayat araam or ikhlaq se ap k waledain apna mutalba paish karen IN SHA ALLAH AZZA WA JAL kamyabi hogi....

did you check "wealth/ job/ rich" category on left side categories list....

Salam! aap pehle ye uper wala Surah Toba ki ayaat wala asaan sa wazifa shuru karen or check karen faraq parta hai k nai kam az kam 15 days men pata chale ga agar na pare to again write me i will do ISTIKHARA to find out the reason.....

Salam! rozana kisi bhi time 450 bar " HASBUNALLAHU WA NAEMAL WAKEEL" awal akhir 11 bar darood pak k sath parrh kar dua karen or us se mutalba bhi karte rahen uske samne jayen to bhi yehi parrhte rahen dil men....15 din check karen agar na ho to contact me again....

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